If you are a fashion followers will not be able to ignore this trend is appealing for her kitchen.
Refresh your kitchen cabinets by painting a new layer of color is not something new. But, when you use two, three or even four different colors, the “block” color will bring new effects. This is a reasonable way to add style to a kitchen and the creative possibilities seem endless. Your kitchen can become more subtle and “draw the eye” or not depends on how you choose colors. Trend “color-block” that everyone should love.

Here’s how to create a good effect with the trend “color-block” for your kitchen cabinets.

Paint cupboard above with a color different from the color of the cupboard underneath. If you’re choosing colors duo have high contrast then paint the kitchen cabinets beneath the dark colors and the upper kitchen cabinets with a lighter color. Put dark colors near doors will help balance his eyes, while the overhead light would make a kitchen feel open and airy be achieved more.

If you wanted two equally bright colors on level, choose neutral colors within the same range of colors such as emerald green and lemon green color to their appearance not too bright.

If you liked an impressive color and dynamism to her kitchen, but a little afraid it might be a bit too bright, you can choose the color of natural wood kitchen cabinets or paint color soft neutral.

(By Eva)

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