FASTER booth Vietbuild highlights in 2013

From 13/11/2013 to 17/11/2013 the last day, JSC investment and trade development Vietnam Italian international exhibition Build Vietnam 2013 in Hanoi with the theme Construction – Material of construction as well Real Estate & amp; Interior and exterior decoration.

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FASTER booth attracted a lot of attention of customers

Through two exhibition pavilions, Vietnam Italy has introduced to customers and partners with product line of kitchen equipment advanced, branded genuine FASTER including gas range 201 luxurious, comfortable, electric stove from the panel, smart timer, hood with Aluminum grease filter, wash basin system, hose to wash delicate designs on premium stainless steel materials … and a lot of high-end kitchen equipment other.

The premium stainless steel pot is very much FASTER customers interested

At the booth exhibitors, Vietnam Italy has many attractive promotions for dealers and organized the lucky draw prizes for customers to visit, shop with the name “Booth gold – thousands gift”.

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Promotional Programs FASTER

During the four days of the exhibition FASTER than 400 prizes were awarded, the value for the customers and partners of luck in the lucky draw program: Sister Duong Thi Loan (Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung), winning a high-end stainless steel pot worth 2.98 million contract win-stick pan for kitchen use from,; English Lam Van Cuong (393 Kim Ma) Winners infrared FS 118E kitchen luxury design on the technological lines Italya, Bui The Anh (Truong Dinh) , winners from 118 kitchen gadgets, super saving …

The valuable prizes awarded lucky customers at booth FASTER

Family Talk I

Nguyen Thanh Chung (third from left) – Director FASTER Vietnam donated gifts & amp; take photos with lucky customers.
IMG 3974

Pham Manh Tuan (Middle) – FASTER representatives presented gifts & amp; take photos with clients lucky

Over five days organized exhibition booths, Vietnam Italy has received a lot of interest and support from our customers and Partners. With the motto of “prestige accumulated trust and confidence to create value” Vietnam Italy has been striving for the ultimate goal to make consumers Vietnam the kitchen facilities of the highest quality, reasonably priced picked. Vietnam Italy proudly accompany Vietnamese family shelters.

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A few pictures from the booth impressed FASTER

IMG 3348

Many customers lucky

IMG 3679

The valuable prizes were handed to the customer

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IMG 3548

Many partners – Customers interested in brand FASTER

IMG 3776

FASTER also received a lot of feedback and suggestions from customers

IMG 3820

The pavilion attracted the attention of many foreign partners

IMG 3910

is proud to FASTER brand “accompanying family shelters Vietnam”

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