Round ball – special attraction of kitchen equipment team Faster

Football – the sport of kings is very much passion fans, especially the eyebrow rau.Voi specific business unit of the high-end kitchen equipment Brand FASTER – staff cong company with men force was overwhelming faction “tunic”. For him, football is a passion, a “special things” in life.

Faster Viet Nam Doi Bong

Faster Collective team – enthusiasts round ball
Encouragement, encouragement and spiritual material from company leadership, team FASTER formed 3 years ago, there will be regular weekly 1-2 friendly match with the partner for you in the company agreement with round ball enthusiasts. It is also working to exercise, relieve fatigue after hours of work stress and helping people linked more

With him, a week is not touching the ball, may not throw and catch, ball dispute … is seen crazy legs. So the brothers just arrange to complete the work, while always present in every game in time to put his passion for the sport king. Team members are not only brothers parts, also includes the company’s leadership team. When playing no gap between employees and bosses that spirit of competition because national colors, the team was featured.

image of disputes Bong

That is why even though the players of Faster with small stature but with a reasonable strategy and his agility has repeatedly won before the serious competitor. It is happiness, a source of encouragement, exhortation of brothers after tiring working day.

“I participated in the first team to exercise, on the other hand this is also where you can exchange for a chance to brother talk, understand more about your colleagues and partners.” New England – Head of IT shared.
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Founded in 2008, Việt Italy known as importer and exclusive distributor of the luxury kitchen appliance FASTER in Vietnam, along with business development, bring production good quality, good design and competitive price to consumers, the company also focuses on collective action to create the exciting atmosphere, binding members of the company after a hard working day straight.

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