Genuine Kitchen Appliances – Top Choices of users wise.

According to feng shui and traditional conception, kitchen with bedroom, desks, is one of the 3 most important elements of the home. In modern life, the kitchen has always been considered the heart, the soul, the heart of the house. Therefore, a kitchen equipped, luxurious, fully equipped not only contribute to adorn the interior common space but also where shown class and personality of the owner.

A luxurious kitchen space, exquisite and modern kitchen equipment integrated advanced manufacturing technology; Product is strict censorship of quality products put on the market before is what any consumer is also desired. Understand that, in the market there are many importers and distributors of high-end kitchen appliances, bring Vietnamese consumers genuine product, good quality at affordable prices. Typical products may include carriers such as Fagor, Teka, Faster, Bauer … …

Nguyen Luong Bang Showroom Faster 182

Located at 182 Nguyen Luong Bang, Dong Da, Hanoi – Faster showroom where hundreds of product showcase modern, high-tech

Market presence in Vietnam for a long, Faster products – premium kitchen appliances from Ytalya has gained the confidence of users and has a large market share here.

Faster products not only diverse in color and design, which are rich in variety: from the gas stove, electric title=”bep tu” cooker from , bat” wash dishwasher , bat” bowl, khoi” suction hood to the set pot or the the sink , tap wash are exquisitely designed … all contribute to a convenient kitchen space, perfect in every detail .

The products of the kitchen equipment is Faster smart products integrated high technology makes cooking easy. Typical of the region as kitchen cooking Luxury COOKTOP . Is the application of technology from Full kitchen cooking area, you can choose any location on the stovetop kettle. You can enjoy a cup of coffee warm or heated sleek oversized pots. Whether the pot or your cookware is shaped like the kitchen is still recognizable, and only in the area of ​​pot cooking, you freely choose where to place the kitchen to suit your angle stand.

Bep whole region Nau Luxury COOKTOP

Luxury COOKTOP – a breakthrough in space Kitchen

“Used the facilities Genuine consumers as we feel more reassured by the quality of the product has been verified. Product price has a little higher but in return a long period of use, safety and savings. Besides, after sales policy is also something we are interested, “- Mrs. Hoa in Pho Vu Huu – Thanh Xuan shared with us.

Besides sales activities, Faster also attaches great importance to the after-sales service after the sale. We want our customers to create more value added, such as: Service delivery and installation for free at home; warranty service, maintenance products ….

Through its products, the desired Faster with Vietnamese women lit and warming hearts for each family, Faster committed to providing customers with 6 benefits when using luxury kitchen appliances Faster:

F – Friend: The friend of a family trust

A – Amazing: No modern kitchen, luxury will surprise you experience right in your own home.

S – Safe: Bring the safety of your family’s health.

T – Trust: products have absolute trust in prestige and quality of the customer.

E – Economical: helps you save time, fuel

R – Recognition: Value brand is recognized worldwide

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