Is the high-end kitchen equipment FASTER produced on modern lines, advanced. The perfect combination between: the quality of European products; exquisite design, elegant Italian style with reasonable price and attractive after-sales … All have contributed to the brand image and FASTER closer to the public, while contributing to the liberation Vietnam Women’s hands.

Saw a sentence “Men build houses, build nests woman” and the heart of a home is the kitchen. Kitchen is where reunion after a hard working day, where the woman sending love, kitchen is always cozy and close to all the family members. Therefore, despite the modern woman busy with social work has always wanted to care little for the kitchen – where the fire kept the whole family loves. Understand, sympathize and share the hope, the mind of the modern woman, Vietnam Italy have been efforts to bring Vietnamese woman a perfect kitchen space with the kitchen equipment FASTER – Trade premium brands imported from Italy.

Experiencing way 8 years of development, from a small business specializing in the retail distribution of imported kitchen appliances, so far Vietnam has confirmed its Italian reputation and name in the hearts of consumers with diversity the product line has nice design, luxury, modern and attractive price. Typical products may include such FASTER: Luxury Kitchen COOKTOP cooking from the region, electromagnetic stove Vitroceramic glass, sensor technology automatically detects the bottom of the pot to cook, heat the interrupt mode 2 rings fit all size cooker, gas stove audio power saving, automatic gas shutoff sensors and safety with durable cast iron tripod, hood with activated carbon deodorizing and escape tube D150 … with superior product quality Vietnam, attractive deals with the after sales service, committed to bringing Vietnamese Italian customers 6 benefits of using high-end kitchen equipment FASTER.

F – Friend: The friend of a family trust

A – Amazing: Spaces modern kitchen, luxury will surprise you experience right in your own home.

S – Safe: Bring the safety of your family’s health.

T – Trust: The products have absolute trust in prestige and quality of the customer.

E – Economical: Saves you time, fuel

R – Recognition: Brand value is recognized worldwide

With its position as the exclusive distributor of the product line high-end kitchen equipment FASTER in Vietnam, Vietnam is the pioneer Italian alongside your family.