Bustling Vietnam Italy Birthday Round 7 years

On 17.05.2014, the Company Stock Investment & amp; Vietnam Italy Commercial development has long held a birthday party for 7 years on the occasion of the founding companies (05.17.2007 – 17.05.2014).

Birthday party took place in a cozy atmosphere, luxurious food court at West Lake Lotus. The event was attended by company leaders, the vice president, managing showrooms, representative agents and all officers and employees of the company.

This is an opportunity for company leaders to share, communicate with employees; a meeting place and tighten the solidarity among employees.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, Ms. Nguyen Thi My Hanh said, claiming the reason to welcome the presence of large enough members and congratulated Vietnam len7 Italy age.

Over 7 years of development, the Company Stock Investment and Trade Development Vietnam Italy – Owners brands Faster in Vietnam has had strong growth and continuing growth. The distribution network that stretches from north to south and canglon date of scale; the staff are young, dynamic, enthusiastic and always strive to learn and contribute to bringing the brand Faster rising, reaching beyond.

7 Year Anniversary of incorporation takes place in an exciting atmosphere, cozy. The entire leadership, the company staff determined effort to join hands and strive to build Vietnam Italian company is growing, bringing brand Faster day a steady development.

Toast a new age company with much more success and steady development.

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The event is a place to meet, interact and strengthen solidarity among member companies.

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